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About Our Products

We specilize in Eco-Friendly flowers and bouquets scented in essential oils and other fragrances. Our forever flower bouquets and home decor products are made to ensure that we’re taking care of this earth. We are strongly committed to the reuse, reduce and recycle philosophy because we believe some "trash" can be repurposed and redirected to avoid the landfill. This is why every product is created with sustainable, upcycled or eco-friendly materials. We use wood flowers, paper and upcycle items to create our products. All of our forever flowers are made to adorn your home or office for years to come. 

 Sola Wood

Sola wood is a naturally occurring paper product derived from the tapioca plant. The tapioca plant can grow in areas that receive a very minimal amount of water. Tapioca is harvested by cutting the green tops every couple of months. After each pruning, the remaining stems will grow again and again, producing more crop every couple of months. This is the process that makes tapioca plant a very sustainable material.

Burlap & Twine

    Burlap is a woven fabric made from skin of the jute plant which may be combined with other vegetable fibers to make ropes, nets, and similar products. Jute is the most environment-friendly fiber starting from the seed to expired fiber, as the expired fibers can be recycled more than once.

Birch Wood

Birch wood flowers are handmade from birch wood shavings.

Pallet Wood

Every year, roughly 500 million new pallets are manufactured in the United States. Roughly 50% of all wooden pallets are designed to just make one trip. We turn these pallets that would otherwise be thrown away, into rustic home décor items that lasts a lifetime. Home Décor Pallet Boxes are made of discarded pallets.


We use stems made of 100% bamboo. Bamboo can grow up to three feet a day in the wild, making it an incredibly sustainable resource.

Bottles and Tin Cans

We upcycle bottles and tin cans diverting them from the landfills. 

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